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After a few post-Disney Channel acting gigs, Arias moved on to pursue his passion for photography; he’s now a 23-year-old, self-proclaimed “i Phone Artista.” He’s also pretty tight with the Jenner sisters. After Disney Channel, he starred in a few small TV and Off-Broadway roles and hosted the Raviv Ullman Podcast, where he interviewed celebrities such as Penn Badgley and Zoë Kravitz.His role as Phil Diffy is still his main claim to TV fame, but based on his adorable smile, this 31-year-old looks happier (and more handsome) than ever.

I got really good at these because it was the one thing I did that my dad took notice.Berkeley’s Circle K chapter delivers its members and its community service, fun and family.Whether feeding the hungry, promoting youth literacy or putting on events for the elderly makes your generous heart sing, UCBCKI chapter actively engages in a project that will strike your interest.“For me I used my essay to explain how my extracurricular activities came together and how it shaped me as a person.” Since Berkeley uses the standard UC application, you get to spend more time polishing your personal essays rather than figuring out another complex application system.COMMAND AND CONTROL has won the Hollywood Music in Media Award for Best Documentary Score.

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