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"I wish my character wasn't so frustrating to people," Cuthbert said."I think TV Guide named me The Character Most Loved To Hate on TV. But if you look at shows like Homeland and see the daughter, writing for a child on an adult show is difficult." "But you know, art is interesting," she continued, "Especially television, because there are characters you hate, but also love — like on reality shows, there are those women that you're just like, 'UGH,' but they're the most entertaining.Elisha Cuthbert’s best known for her role in the groundbreaking TV series, “24,” starring Kiefer Sutherland.But with her role as a porn star who desires to put that lifestyle behind her, Cuthbert shows off her comedic ability (and her gorgeous body) in the sexy romp, “The Girl Next Door.” Emile Hirsch (“Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys”) co-stars as a straight-arrow high school kid who falls hard for his beautiful next-door neighbor before discovering her occupation.Elisha Ann Cuthbert (born November 30, 1982) is a Canadian actress and model.

") The underrated comedy, about a high school senior who falls in love with the porn star next door, featured a cast of now stars (Emile Hirsch, Paul Dano, Olivia Wilde, Elisha Cuthbert) doing some of their earliest work.I had done it before I became a campfire kid — and I'm going to try and talk about this with a serious face — I was in one of the stories when I was younger, so later on, to come back and become a campfire kid was like a dream."Cuthbert was cast as a member of The Midnight Society after the first generation of actors aged out of the roles."The only way you could get onto the show was to make it into the story, so I never thought in my wildest dreams that they would become too old and then move off and do other, amazing things and they'd have spots to fill," she said. It lended itself to us being available for other things, which was so great." While Are You Afraid of the Dark?And working really hard at becoming a different character. It was like really nerve-wracking because I wasn’t sure at the end of the day if I’d be able to pull it off. Why do teen romantic comedy movies like this appeal to audiences? It has a lot more to do with life and experiences and relationships.I’m used to being someone else 10 months out of the year. I thought I would be able to bring something to the script and that was it. The one thing I understand about this film is that there’s something to be related to it. I remember what it was like to have two close friends growing up and falling in love and breaking up and all these horrible things that happen – and all these wonderful things that happen. Now that you’re finished with the movie and you look back on the days spent on the set, what immediately springs to mind? I look back now and we were very much at the same point in our careers.

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I didn't realize that at the time, but looking back, I realize, maybe not everyone loved me, but I think I did a good job and was entertaining enough that it worked for what it was."While viewers may have found Kim frustrating, 24 was one of the biggest hits of its time.

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