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they are “cannabis concentrates.” Since the 1960’s, solvent-manufactured cannabis concentrates have been available as “honey oil,” “red oil,” “jelly-butane hash,” and similar concoctions.

The cannabinoid percentage and purity of solvent-extracted products is almost always higher than that of hashish, but many solvent extract products are polluted by solvent residues.

An enterprising Canadian, Bubbleman, visited Mila in Amsterdam.

Another modern innovation is using alcohol, chloroform, butane and other solvents to chemically extract cannabinoids.

The extracted cannabinoids are often called hashish, but they are not hashish in the traditional sense of the word ?

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Thousands of years ago, the hashish revolution was born when humans learned that the marijuana plant’s sticky resin glands contain the highest concentration of its active ingredients, called cannabinoids. Most of the world’s hashish is still manufactured using primitive methods that involve sieving or thrashing dried plants and collecting whatever falls off, but new processes and technologies have also developed.

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Also, making cannabis extracts with solvents can be a dangerous process.

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