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Edit: I was able to find a synopsis of the movie, courtesy of Unnoficial_Ricky Ullman Fansite hey everyone, i'm renee, i'm 18, and i'm new here. also, i took the "phil of the future" quiz on the disney channel website, and guess what my results were:in all the raviv interviews i've read he said he's a lot like phil, so if we're both like phil, maybe we were meant to be married?i've always thought ricky/raviv was adorable but recently i've developed a bit of an obsession, so here i am! well anyways, i have a bit of news.i checked and it looks like the "obscene" episode of law and order: svu will be playing on sunday night at midnight, eastern time. haha, it's a disney channel quiz, so quite a longshot. another minor thing i thought was funny was when i was reading one of his interviews, they asked him what was playing in his cd player at the moment and he answered yellowcard. hehe] itunes on my computer was playing "only one" by yellowcard at that exact moment. there are other uncanny incidents but it's probably boring to everyone else, so i'll keep it to myself, hehe.

If you were just hitting puberty during the early '00s, then you remember a series of beloved Disney shows like Lizzie Mc Guire and some lesser known ones.

Bustle What Does Phil From ' Phil Of The Future' Look Like Now?

Raviv Ullman Is An Accomplished Stage Actor Bustle Raviv Ullman — who went by the stage name Ricky Ullman until 2006 — played Phil Diffy, the time-traveling teen from 2121. (Photo Credit: Getty Images) In addition to acting, Amy plans on doing a lot of good for the world — unlike her evil, on-screen counterpart.

Lalaine Vergara-Paras (born June 3, 1987), also known as Lalaine, is an American actress, singer-songwriter and spokesperson.

Lalaine, full birth name is Lalaine Vergara Paras was born in Burbank, California to Filipino parents; her mother, Lilia Vergara Paras is originally from Batangas, and her father from Pampanga.

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