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However, under limited circumstances, you may withdraw from SBP or change your coverage.

Your covered spouse or former spouse must consent to the withdrawal.

Termination is permanent and participation may not be resumed under any circumstance; i.e., future enrollment is barred.

Beneficiary is no Longer Eligible Premiums stop when there is no longer an eligible beneficiary in a premium category, such as: In the case of divorce, several choices may be available, see "Special Situations" for more information. For example, adopting a child is a situation which may allow resumption of child coverage. VA Disability If you have a service-connected disability that has been rated by the VA as totally disabling for ten or more continuous years, or if you have a total disability rating that has been held for not less than five continuous years from the last date of active duty, you may withdraw from SBP participation.

Please review the list below carefully to learn when you can change an SBP election and when you cannot.

To make this change, please complete a Survivor Benefit Plan Election Change Certificate (DD 2656-6) and mail or fax it to DFAS R&A Pay.

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A request for withdrawal requires the written consent of your beneficiary.

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