Updating wii argon chip

WII argon 13 wires D2C modchip Description: The Wiiktus Argon by Infectus Team is the best 13 Wire D2C G2C Modchip produced for the Nintendo Wii.

It is a scaled down version of the Infectus 2 which is the worlds first multi-platform mod chip.

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The working of the chip is very simple; first the Wii is opened and then the chip is plugged in between the two flex cables connecting Wii motherboard to the DVD-drive and then Wii is put back together to close, therefore, no soldering is involved.

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Sporting a high speed Actel FPGA running at 350 MHz, this chip is capable of what is known as Intelligent Code Modification(ICM).

With ICM this device monitors the Wii's internal communication and patches it when necessary to enable you to unlock the Wii's full potential.

The flexcable which is given along looks a bit thin and can easily break on bending.

The new stickers are an attractive addition as one is with general information for the chip and the other larger one spots a hot girl on it.

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